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We have been the secret little helper for other SEO-companies since 2004.

Most likely you will need the full list of SEO-services to get back into the SEO game. More links, always pointing to the same URLs with the same keywords is the last thing you need, as that’s what caused your drop in the first place, hence why you’re reading this.

What you need is Google Authorship and everything that hangs around it, which is a lot, hence why Google is using it; the only way to achieve this is by creating actual valuable content, be it on-site or off-site with the link building, it’s the only way to do it. And it’s very sensitive, try to cheat and most likely you’ll get caught and lose everything. But not to worry, here’s the good news; it’s not really that hard either, at least not for us, as we’re already veterans by now, while once it’s done you’re back in the SEO game.

Google doesn’t get to determine who ranks first, it’s your decision; you order from Luminous SEO and you will rank first. That’s a proven fact; it’s our work that determines who gets to be number 1, not Google, and all you need to do is send us some details and money. Easy enough.

Have a good look, this didn’t happen because Google took a set of decisions, no. It was me taking the right decisions, backed with a proper budget to pay for the execution of it, by my well trained and dedicated team of researchers, writers and submitters;


From position 25 straight to number 1! Google doesn’t decide who gets to rank first; Luminous SEO does that.

 And here some more proof; Updated;

Starting with a Google Gmail, merely for practical reasons, then Google Places, to get a Google Business Listing, which will show in Google Maps and to promote it we need to use the Google Profile, which is by default linked to a Google Blogspot Account, which we obviously will have to use as well.

Of course you also need a well optimized web site with a lot of fresh, original content and a well structured internal linking (seo-engineer) to start with.

To avoid getting your rankings decimated by Penguin, we need to work in layers. The first layer are the Google accounts and while doing so expanding on it by using other large social websites is already the second layer. We will need them later in the process anyway, while setting them up from in the beginning is the most efficient way to create the cluster of association you need to get accepted as an genuine author.

Even before we start with setting up the public profiles, we already do what’s even more important, and that’s to set up your seo file; each and every little detail we might need will be in that file, so that from in the beginning we can do everything accurately and complete without any delays. As long you make sure we have everything we need in that file, you’re off the hook and from then on we can do everything a 100% for you.

While the most important layer is still about getting links, but you need quality links; blog commenting links, because genuine quality blogs exist and we know how to get links from them.

Last but not least are the social signals, but just like with the salt on your potatoes; without it its bland, but too much will really spoil it.

Once this package as a whole is done we can start focussing on the tactics that are most suitable for your specific niche market and keywords to get to the very top. But first you need to have a healthy foundation;

Off-site: Link Building Packages

Standard SEO Package

  • 1 day seo-engineer; $100
  • Public Profiles Package; $250
  • 120 Blog Commenting Links; $900
  • Blogger-BlogSpot; $500
    • 2 pages
    • 4 blog posts
    • 40 blogger-blogspot comments
  • Social Signals; $250
    • Social Signals list with details
    • 5x5x5 Social Signals submissions

TOTAL; $2.000 USD

Order faster or slower to manage the budget;

  • 1 month – $2.000 USD
  • 2 months – $1.000 USD per month
  • 4 months – $500 USD per month


  • 1 week seo-engineer; $750
  • Public Profiles Package; $500
  • 250 Blog Commenting Links; $2.000
  • Blogger-BlogSpot; $1.000
    • 5 pages
    • 12 blog posts
    • 100 blogger-blogspot comments
  • Social Signals; $750
    • Social Signals list with details
    • 3(5x5x5) Social Signals submissions
    • Social Activity

TOTAL; $5.000 USD

Order faster or slower to manage the budget;

  • 2 months – $2.500 USD per month
  • 4 months – $1.250 USD per month
  • 5 months – $1.000 USD per month

Since Panda and Penguin, cheap crap and dirty tricks just don’t work anymore, which means that the package above is mandatory, not by me, you can still order single packages in different sizes, no problem, but in the end you will need the package as a whole to get real results.

You don’t have to order it all at once, in fact I prefer you just send me an email with your site and some details about past SEO, so I can have a little look at your stats and then we’ll have a conversation to see what’s most urgent specific for your site; vankets\”@\”

1. SEO-engineer;

Whatever can’t be put into a standardized package, as its custom to your site is what I do; I never accept more than 1 site per week; 20 hours – $750

2. Public Profiles Package;

  • Standard set up; the minimum; $250
  • Premium set-up; the full package at the best quality; $500

First things first; you need to provide us with the details about the author, including a profile picture, an email address and some ‘personal details’, no worries, stuff like; favorite books etc, nothing somebody could use against you. If you prefer we can create a ghost writer, we make a pseudonym and create your online representative, including profile picture – $100 extra.

Author Profiles:

Blog Post Profiles:

Blog Commenting Profiles:

Social Bookmarking Profiles:

Because content is still king, and since panda even more so than ever; we write 5 ‘personal’ , and 5 ‘company’ biographies, to have at least 10 different pieces of text to be used with the 20 profiles we’ll be setting up for you. This while we will also set-up profiles on blogs to do blog commenting, so that’s why in the premium package we actually write 25 of them to keep the content fresh. To register, verify the email and then fill up the profile is just step 1, once we did the whole list we collect the profile urls so we can go over the list again and insert those profiles into each other; inter-connecting them, creating a ‘cluster of profiles’ aka ‘associations‘. In this process there are 4 different people involved, each performing the task they’re most proficient at, enhancing the quality, while it still takes us at least 4-5 working days to complete, it’s just that much work. And it really goes to the root of your SEO-profile, which is what will avoid triggering google penalties, as google uses it to verify you as an author. Once Google recognizes you as the author of your content, as well on-site as off-site; all your content will be ‘stamped’ as genuine. And the more we use them, the further it will spread and secure your content.

3. Blog Commenting Links;

And that’s why more than anything else we need to do a lot of blog commenting for you;

  • Above all; real, genuine, high value, natural, verified, active blogs with real readers and real comments exists, and we know how to get links from them.
  • We have a team to research blogs for related pages, with actual PR value and no spam, then a team of writers and a team of submitters; we aim for consistent quality, and after doing this for more than 5 years now; there can only be 1 the very best on the market; it’s Luminous SEO!
  • The other companies didn’t see the Penguin update coming and are still trying to sell you cheap crap links at fancy expensive rates, while when you buy from Luminous SEO you’re buying directly from the source at wholesale prices.
  • Although there are other tactics, especially with blog posts the average value of the link can be even higher, but it’s so much harder, while blog commenting is still kind of fast and easy, especially because we’ve been doing it for so long now; it’s the most efficient = cheapest way to get a consistent flow of high quality links.
  • When we say blogs, we’re in fact talking about so many different types of platforms, all with so many options and settings; those blog commenting links are all rather different; we get a lot of different types of links from this, hence our most popular package being called; the mixed package; as the 3 most important requirements to avoid penguin filters are; variation, variation and then some more variation.

Over the years the average turns out to be about 250 mixed blog commenting links; when you order 100 mixed blog commenting links per month then usually it will be somewhere half way month 3 that we will ask for a new list of keywords, because we achieved top-3 rankings for the first set.

100 blog commenting LINKS – mixed package; $750 (per month) Because it’s more important than anything else to to use blogs that are in fact part of your niche market, we do need to research many times to slowly but surely build up your own specific list of blogs to use. Sure enough from doing this for so long we usually already have a good batch to get started with, but still; there’s only 1 reason why google does see our work as genuine; it is genuine. That’s basically at the core of everything we do; no tricks, no short cuts; we simply do a lot of manual work, as it should be done; with commitment, which we can only keep up because we put our heart and soul into our work.

4. Blogger-BlogSpot

Once we have set up a gmail account for you, by default your blogger-blogspot account exists as well, be it empty. So, no questions asks; we need to fill it up;

  • pages; about us-products-services-location; rewrites of your most important on-site pages
  • blog posts; we can start with 5-10 asap to fill it up, but then the most important thing to do is to publish consistently, 1 per week is just fine.
  • blogger-blogspot comments; within blogger-blogspot we use your Google Plus profile, which is the default anyway, and so your google Plus Profile which is at the core of everything will get value, which it needs more than any other page.

That’s the minimum you need, after that you can order more monthly;

  • 5 blog posts; $200
  • 100 blogger-blogspot comments; $500

Once we already did a lot of blog commenting and posts, we can start compiling the list for social signals as we then actually have something to share.

5. Social Signals;

  • Social Signals list with details; $250 (1 time fee)
  • 5x5x5 Social Signals submissions; $50 (per month)
  • Social Activity; $50-$250 per week/month

Although Panda was in fact a failure, hence Penguin, that one is really good, so it’s crucial to create additional content here as well; to do social bookmarking we need a title and a little intro; we can’t take it from the page and just create copies of copies; that’s what triggers the Penguin filters. This while just 1 little social signal will not do it either, so the very least we need is a variation of 5 titles and 5 intros for each page we want to do social bookmarking for, so we can do enough of them. To do so with at least 20 pages is already a lot of work, this while you don’t want to be linking solely to your own content, you need to mix in some other pages as well to keep it genuine, so we select a list of 50-250 pages that we can use for that; most of them will be the pages you have already comment links on; hence why we do this at a later stage in the process. There are so many different options within the social media, that we need to review which ones are the best ones for you, and complete some campaigns, the least we need to do is use the profiles for a little while just like a real person would and get some ‘activity’ going; connecting with friends, leaving some comments, adding some pictures, whatever they have. Although you do need a bit of everything, some of those sites will actually be also a good direct source for online attention, those we then use more and longer. For example; as long you have a large collection of really nice pictures, Pinterest can be a very valuable source. While not every service has the type of pictures to do so, for them we’ll use another option.


After 2-3-4 months, depending on your current positions and the strength of the competition, your site will have a good, strong, and above all healthy foundation to start more custom based plans. If you want to rank for local terms, you need a very different approach as when you need to rank for single keywords, or the opposite if you need lots of different longtail keywords. No matter what; you will need the profiles, the blog commenting, the blog posts and then some social signals as a basic minimum. Once that’s done we can start looking at the other options. You don’t have to order it all at once, in fact I prefer you just send me an email with your site and some details about past SEO, so I can have a little look at your stats and then we’ll have a conversation to see what’s most urgent specific for your site; vankets\”@\”

6. Extra options;

The above package is everything combined of what you really need, but of course depending on your market there are in fact plenty of other options, many if which you will most likely need just as well, but it just doesn’t matter that much until you have the combination of factors as you get them from the above package.

On-site Content;

Content has always been king; in the core algo of Google there’s the natural number 1, which still stands for ’1 page with a thousand words’. And since Google has been cutting down so heavily on links, the content of your own site has become even more important than ever. 10 pages – $500

Blog Posts;

It is possible to get extra-ordinary high quality links using blog posts, but not from the first time of course. First we need to build up your reputation as an author, before it makes sense to put time = money into an attempt to get approved with those high quality blogs. And while it’s possible, it might just not be the most efficient way for you, because it’s inevitable a very slow and somewhat expensive tactic. Because we have to put a lot of effort into the research, and contacting the blogs, to get them to publish the high quality articles, each blog post will cost $175, and it will take at least 5 to 10 of them until we have enough reputation and references build up to then start contacting the very best blogs for your specific topic/product/service. in the long run it does pay of, once we did about 20 posts, we’ll have at least 5 really good blogs to work with and then we can drop the prices to $100 per posts, and the value you get from that then is indeed very high, but it takes a long term strategy to get to that point. If you’re in an extremely competitive market, especially if you really have to rank first for single keywords, you have no other option but to do this, but still only after we did the above full-set-up package first.


If you have local terms; city names, suburbs etc that means you need to list in google maps, the best way to promote your google maps listing are reviews. We’re creating a pool, so we can give you reviews from other clients, while using your profiles as well to return the favor.


People say silly things like directories are death; bullshit; nothing fundamentally changed just for directories themselves; except that google got better at weeding out crap content, and as most directories where just that; a collection of crap content, they got de-indexed, but Google didn’t kill the concept of directories itself. They learned that lesson after killing off the concept of link exchange.  Hence, links of genuine, quality directories, especially places like the yellow pages still work. The only difference is that up to 2008 we were be able to do up to 25.000 directory submissions, and each time we did another batch you would see the rankings go up. That’s no longer true of course; but the top-500 free, yet decent directories still exist, and will still help you to rank better. But you can only do it once; when we did about 500 directory submissions this tactic is exhausted, that’s it. So, although it’s still an option, and it’s in still quite fast and easy = cheap, it’s too small to be your main tactic. it’s a nice little extra we can do in between, but then that’s it.


Absolutely amazing, but the same story has been true for 10 years now; people try articles, but do it in a total crappy way, hence they fail, but instead of trying to figure out what they did wrong they just blame the concept of articles and they give up on it. And because of that articles always have a terrible reputation … completely misplaced … good for us; less competition. To make a long story short; up to 6 years ago spamming the crap out of article directories with worthless articles worked just fine, but that was easy enough for google to filter out, since then all the stupid, short minded people on seo-forums and blogs have been spewing their anger and frustrations over articles and how worthless it is. At no point they’ve been able to see that it ain’t what you do, but it’s how you do it that matters. Articles still work, as long you do it right. And since the spammers with their crappy articles all left … the last 2 years article directories got in fact even better! The only problem is that it’s only true for the USA, for other countries there are just not enough good ones to use it efficiently enough, since google has the last 2 years given so much weight to country-IP that it’s almost the most important factor now. So, for US web sites we can still do article submissions, and what makes the difference; we will only submit the long, quality article to the top 20 article directories under your own profiles, and even more so; using 5 totally different biographies, each of them with a different set of links, be it the URL or the keyword used; all of them will differ from each other to avoid the Penguin trap. Obviously adding some signals signals is crucial.

You don’t have to order online, in fact I prefer you just send me an email with your site and some details about past SEO, so I can have a little look at your stats and then we’ll have a conversation to see what’s most urgent specific for your site. 

Feel free to contact me, so we can start the conversation and put a long term SEO plan together.

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